The Post Sports Bar & Grill

The Post

The Post

Occupying the forlorn space once occupied by Schottzie’s, The Post Sports Bar & Grill is a welcome addition to the assortment of bars and restaurants on the Manchester strip in Maplewood. 

In a complete renovation of the interior, the former moose-hunter-chic decor has been replaced by a minimalist grey and black palate punctuated with TVs, and lots of them.  The Post caters to the sports enthusiast by featuring bar games, Golden Tee, major satellite sports packages and fantasy sports leagues.  Rounding out the atmosphere with tastefully-clad yet saucy waitresses, The Post, it would seem, is a sports fan’s dream come true.

I, however, am not a sports nut; I came for the food.  On my first visit, I just went for a look-see.  I staked out a seat at the bar and had a beer and an order of blackened chicken quesadillas ($7.99).  Filled with enough meat and cheese, just a couple of slices is a meal on its own.  Accompanied by a dollop of sour cream, salsa and surprisingly good guacamole, the food, beer and service made my first trip a good one.

This week I returned for a meal.  The menu highlights their specialties with blue type.  As we were getting ready to order the spinach artichoke dip, our bartender overheard us and suggested we get the blue-highlighted blazin’ chicken dip ($8.49) instead.  We were not disappointed.  The dip is a crock full of hot sauce, cheese and shredded chicken accompanied by a plate of pita triangles and chips.  The dip was quite good, but the quantity of chips far exceeded the amount of dip.  Over the course of a day, the kitchen could save a few bucks by cutting back on the chips.

My guest ordered a house specialty, the cheesesteak ($8.99), for an entree.  Available with either steak or chicken, the sandwich is a big one, a sloppy concoction of meat, peppers, onions and white cheddar.  After I had my small bite, the sandwich disappeared into the stomach of a man hungry for a meaty, cheesy sandwich.  That seems to be a hearty endorsement.  

I had another specialty, the chicken bruschetta sandwich ($7.99).  A chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and a smear of bruschetta, the sandwich was a bit dry.  A good dose of an infused mayo on the bottom would have helped.  The chicken itself, however, was a generous piece and it was cooked properly — no over-done dry chicken here.  Both entrees were accompanied by a heaping pile of fries that had been sprinkled with a seasoned salt.

Next time, I’m going to try one of their pizzas.  The Post offers six different crusts:  white, wheat, Italian, garlic white, garlic wheat (which was endorsed by our helpful bartender) and honey wheat.  In addition to 28 toppings, I’m sure to create a winner. 

With plenty of drinks, good food and a kitchen that is actually open until midnight (!), the Post will be a hit in Maplewood with both sports fans and people who just want a good bite to eat.

The Post Sports Bar & Grill, 7372 Manchester, St. Louis, MO  63143  314/645-1109
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2 responses to “The Post Sports Bar & Grill

  1. My boyfriend and I watched the football games At The Post last Sunday and I’ll have to admit it the place was great. I was reluctant to go because my boyfriend always goes with his friends and I didn’t want to be the only female there, but there were actually lots of other females watching the games! I can see why too, the food was great and the atmosphere was very relaxed yet exciting.

    I think I might even plan a girls night out here (They have a digital jukebox and megatouch… which is all we need to have fun)

  2. This place is great for either having a good meal, or hanging out and having a couple drinks… The place gets really busy for sporting events which is what I like to see out of a sports bar because it makes the experience all the more exciting. I’m a huge fan of their cheesesteak! I usually go once a week on either a Tuesday or Thursday for their lunch special to get my fill. I highly recommend this place.

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